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© For personal (non-commercial) use only. This model or parts of it CANNOT be sold, shared or distributed in digital, physical, original or modified form.


Kingfisher - designed for multimaterial printing.

Includes 3 versions:

1. Multi-Material Version - MMU_5parts: The model is split in 5 stls for 5 filaments and can be printed in place using prusa's mmu2s multimaterial upgrade. It can also be used on Palette by combining any to stls to reduce the number of parts to 4. preferably combine white and transparent.

2. Three part assembly version for painters - Each stl in this version to be printed separatel and then assembled together. The STLs are not oriented for optimal printing and need to be oriented in your slicer before printing.

3. Solid Version - where the whole model will print in one material.


Instructions on MMU - The blue needs to be translucent to show underlying pattern. There's a specially sculpted white surface under the blue surface to mimic the color variation on the back.

This is a 3d printable model and not a 3d printed physical product. After you place an order you will be able to download the model files and 3d print them on your 3d printer.


File Units: mm
File Format: STL


Kingfisher [MMU] - Three versions

  • file units: mm (millimeters)

    file format: STL

    X: 200mm

    Y: 167mm

    Z: 200mm