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The 'Z' word [sidnaique originals] 3d printable bust/portrait. 

Includes two heads. One with sculpted pupils, one with plain pupils(for painting)

This is a 3d printable model and not a 3d printed physical product. After you place an order you will be able to download the model files and 3d print them on your 3d printer.


File Units: mm
File Format: STL
Total Height: 300 mm

The Z Word

  • file units: mm (millimeters)

    file format: STL

    model height(Z): 198 mm

    model width(X): 120 mm

    model depth(Y): 99 mm

    plinth height(Z): 145 mm

    plinth width(X): 96 mm

    plinth depth(Y): 96 mm